Transport yourself to a top-secret comic strip world of ingenious scientists, aliens, and a genetically-engineered bee and dinosaur.

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Congratulations! You're now a member of the humorous and highly classified world of Lost Cactus. Since you’re on a “need to know” basis, a sampling of Lost Cactus comic strips ~ by John Hopkins ~ can be read on this website, along with everything else you need to know to become a Lost Cactus operative.

And, by purchasing Lost Cactus books and merchandise, the hilarious hijinks, exploits and shenanigans that are happening at this shadowy, government facility will continue to be exposed in classic comic strip form. Veritas vos liberabit!

Top-secret Lost Cactus Base History...

Way back in 1947 the Lost Cactus base first broke ground under the supervision of a mysterious scientist named Doc. However, by the mid-1950s, it was unceremoniously purged from all records, mothballed, abandoned, and left to rot in the sweltering desert sun. Only lizards and ground squirrels remained behind to shelter beneath its decrepit facades. Or so we thought.

Today, if you stumbled upon Lost Cactus, well, first off, you would be hopelessly lost. Secondly, you would spy—through the rusted perimeter barbed-wire fencing—the erstwhile Lost Cactus National Laboratory building. You would also see an expansive complex of dilapidated hangars, potholed runways, crumbling buildings, rusted warehouses, and wobbly water and control towers. The denizens of the nearby ghost town of Bentley and the scattered population of local desert dwellers largely ignore the strange occurrences that emanate from the base to this day. When tourists, conspiracy theorists, and nosy politicians do somehow find their way to Lost Cactus asking pesky questions, they're consistently given the same answer: “Lost Cactus is simply an urban myth.”

At least, that is what the shadowy agency—that has continued to operate there to this day—wants everyone from presidents on down to John Q. Public to believe.

The newsreel footage Sammy is watching to the left was an early unsuccessful  attempt to illuminate this shadowy enterprise. If you have trouble viewing the footage, visit the Lost Cactus YouTube page.

Top Secret History...

The Cast...

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The Lost Cactus Comic Strip...

This is where the story of Lost Cactus is told, in classic comic strip form. Doc plans on randomly updating this group of preview strips so you'll want to check back periodically to see what's new.

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This colorfully illustrated first-in-a-series Lost Cactus comic strip anthology introduces readers of all ages to the mysterious world of Lost Cactus with 171 comics, an expanded universe of sci-fi short stories, witty author musings, off-beat trivia and conceptual artwork featured throughout.

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